Property development finance differs greatly with lenders, along with their appetite for property. Which we all know comes and goes! A number of institutions have strict lending criteria in relation to commercial property finance, especially speculative developments. There are however lenders who will fund the majority of a development, especially with developers with proven track records. Or those who are using a professional team to assist with the project.

Commercial Property Finance

Using a Commercial broker to simply assist in presenting new proposals to existing or new lenders, can be priceless. Particularly for clients who may have a lack of time, desire or experience of working with Banks Credit departments. This would also extend to refinancing existing arrangements to seek a more competitive rate and structure from the incumbent Banker. Most property professionals prefer to do what they are good at – property. So why not leave the commercial property finance to someone who specialises in that area?

It may be that you are simply looking to finance the purchase of business premises, or land and development. All of these fall well within our experience, knowledge and understanding. If you are considering this approach using pension arrangements, we can work with your existing adviser. Or if appropriate, we can refer you to one of our qualified and experienced advisers at Thompson & Richardson Financial Planning.

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