Commercial asset finance is a great way of keeping cash generated within the business, rather than spending it to purchase assets or equipment outright. The most traditional form of asset finance is a hire purchase, when you own the asset outright. Interest charges are fixed or variable, and the terms are bespoke to suit your individual cash flow.

Finance lease

A finance lease differs slightly to a hire purchase, as you never officially ‘own’ the asset. It is more of a rental over a certain timeframe that you choose. At the end of this rental period, there are usually 3 options:

  1. Continue with use of the asset by extending the rental period
  2. Sell the goods on, on behalf of the finance company
  3. Return the asset back to the finance company


This is the most popular method of commercial asset finance, as it allows for a quick cash injection into the business. The perfect solution to aid business growth and expansion.

Here at Thompson & Richardson Commercial Finance, we are on hand to advise you on the best commercial asset finance, to suit your individual needs and future plans. As vehicles/equipment tend to depreciate over time, they will need replacing over a shorter term. This means they will lose more value over time, unlike a commercial property, which is likely to have increased in value.

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